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Property.hk contains the largest databases with more than over 50,000 units available for sale and over 5,000 units available for lease, which enables you to access all sorts of property categories, namely commercial unit, shops, residential unit, industrial unit, car parking space, village house, warehouse, land, etc.
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Hong Kong Island
CENTURY 21 SKY ON PROPERTIE... CHIT FOO MAN Gross -- Saleable -- Price 70.000 Million --
CENTURY 21 FRUITFUL PROPERT... TWO INT'L FIN... Gross -- Saleable -- Rent HK$ 150/Month 全裝修
CENTURY 21 D PROPERTY CONSU... MAYLAND COURT Gross 2400 ft2 Saleable 1786 ft2 Rent HK$ 63000/Month 4房(3套),連雙車位
KATY PROPERTY COMFORT MAN Price 16.500 Million 大房大廳, 靚裝修
OWNER PROPERTY ON PROPERTY.HK GARFIELD MANS Gross -- Saleable 842 ft2 Price 14.500 Million 2房,開放廚,露台
UNITED PROPERTIES LIMITED MAY COURT Gross -- Saleable 970 ft2 Rent HK$ 33000/Month 3 BedRooms, Living &...
CENTURY 21 YAT WING PROPERT... DOUVRES BLDG Gross 462 ft2 Saleable 338 ft2 Price 4.680 Million 2房2廳
CENTURY 21 CULTURE CENTER P... RESIDENCE BEL... Gross 1460 ft2 Saleable 1190 ft2 Price 28.000 Million --
ASIA PROPERTY AGENCY CO., LTD. PROVIDENT CTR... Gross 942 ft2 Saleable 834 ft2 Rent HK$ 35000/Month --
KAI LI REALTY TIMMAR COURT Gross 1400 ft2 Saleable 1200 ft2 Price 16.000 Million --
CENTURY 21 I-HOME PROPERTY ... MOUNT PARKER ... Gross 1503 ft2 Saleable 1309 ft2 Rent HK$ 65000/Month $300豪裝
SOUTH PROPERTY AGENCY FU FUNG BLDG Gross 650 ft2 Saleable 426 ft2 Price 5.680 Million 2房1廳
CENTURY 21 DELUXE HOME PROP... LAGUNA VERDE ... Gross 1716 ft2 Saleable 1360 ft2 Price 26.800 Million 4房(1套)2廳1貯
CENTURY 21 SPLENDID PROPERT... FLOURISH MAN Gross 844 ft2 Saleable 584 ft2 Rent HK$ 19500/Month 3房(1套)2廳, 廚設齊,...
G.GO REALTY LIMITED GRAND WATERFR... Gross 501 ft2 Saleable 360 ft2 Price 5.980 Million 2房2廳
CENTURY 21 CULTURE CENTER P... WHAMPOA GDN S... Gross 825 ft2 Saleable 729 ft2 Price 9.200 Million --
CENTURY 21 D PROPERTY CONSU... VILLA CARLTON Gross 1456 ft2 Saleable 1123 ft2 Price 11.500 Million 2房(套房),連花園
LOT ANGEL PROPERTY AGENCY L... FUNG TAK ESTATE Gross 456 ft2 Saleable 349 ft2 Rent HK$ 10800/Month 1房1廳, 有裝
CENTURY 21 CULTURE CENTER P... JADE SUITES Gross 401 ft2 Saleable 266 ft2 Rent HK$ 15000/Month 1房1廳,開放廚
CENTRAL SKY PROPERTY CO. LI... VIVA Gross -- Saleable 331 ft2 Rent HK$ 14500/Month 1房2廳, 全新靚裝
GLOBAL HOME PROPERTIES LIMITED VILLA CARLTON Gross 1666 ft2 Saleable 1288 ft2 Price 15.500 Million 3房(1套)3廳1工 另一...
CENTURY 21 I-HOME PROPERTY ... MANDARIN COURT Gross 1800 ft2 Saleable 1600 ft2 Price 18.000 Million 3房1套, 企理
RICHLAND PROPERTY TAK BO GDN Gross 529 ft2 Saleable 398 ft2 Price 5.000 Million 1大房1廳 開放式廚房
CENTURY 21 CULTURE CENTER P... METRO HARBOUR... Gross 560 ft2 Saleable 386 ft2 Price 6.000 Million 1房2廳, 齊傢俬
New Territories
晉誠地產李小姐 THE RISE Gross -- Saleable 521 ft2 Price 5.800 Million 2房2廳
YY PROPERTY LIMITED TSIU CHUK MIN... Gross 1400 ft2 Saleable 1280 ft2 Price 6.880 Million 5房2廁, 3年樓,新裝
LOHAS PROPERTY LIMITED LOHAS PARK PH... Gross 684 ft2 Saleable 544 ft2 Price 6.700 Million 2房2廳
FOREVER AGENCY LIMITED PRIMROSE HILL... Gross 1062 ft2 Saleable 800 ft2 Rent HK$ 24000/Month --
Century 21 (Tseung Kwan O) PO MING COURT... Gross 576 ft2 Saleable 433 ft2 Price 3.300 Million --
MARVELOUS WORD PROPERTY AGE... WELL IND BLDG Gross 6060 ft2 Saleable -- Rent HK$ 42420/Month 貨倉有廁無車埸
PINNACLE PROPERTY LIMITED -- Gross 6000 ft2 Saleable 6000 ft2 Price 3.300 Million 綠草如茵。綠意盎然。...
WEALTH PROPERTY GOLDEN LION G... Gross 492 ft2 Saleable 285 ft2 Price 4.200 Million 2房1廳
CENTURY 21 I-HOME PROPERTY ... WESTMINSTER TERR Gross 3259 ft2 Saleable 2446 ft2 Price 40.000 Million 4 BedRooms, Living &...
嘉興地產有限公司 FUNG YUEN TSUEN Gross 700 ft2 Saleable -- Rent HK$ 13500/Month 3房(1套)2廳
MASTER PROPERTY AGENCY -- Gross 2100 ft2 Saleable -- Price 9.600 Million 5 BedRooms, Living &...
RICHLAND PROPERTY CHEUNG SHUE TAN Gross 700 ft2 Saleable -- Price 3.200 Million 2房1廳2廁
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January, 2017 Commission Index updated 5,653, 14% DECREASE compared to previous month

CI is an average value of monthly commission income for each of the licensed property agents in Hong Kong. It is a synthetic calculation based on:

  1. The number of "Agreement of Sale & Purchase" ('ASP') registered in the Land Registry in one month; and
  2. The total Consideration of all ASP in the same month; and
  3. The Licensee Population in that month.
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