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Property.hk contains the largest databases with more than over 50,000 units available for sale and over 5,000 units available for lease, which enables you to access all sorts of property categories, namely commercial unit, shops, residential unit, industrial unit, car parking space, village house, warehouse, land, etc.
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Hong Kong Island
CENTURY 21 YAT WING PROPERT... LEI KING MAN Gross 645 ft2 Saleable 485 ft2 Price 6.500 Million 3房2廳
CENTURY 21 WEST ISLAND REAL... UNIVERSITY HT... Gross 529 ft2 Saleable 402 ft2 Rent HK$ 19800/Month 1房1廳, 傢電齊
OWNER PROPERTY ON PROPERTY.HK LEI SHUN COURT Gross 1200 ft2 Saleable 983 ft2 Price 12.000 Million 3 BedRooms, Living &...
KATY PROPERTY COMFORT MAN Price 16.500 Million 大房大廳, 靚裝修
ASIA PROPERTY AGENCY CO., LTD. JAVA MANS Gross 454 ft2 Saleable 299 ft2 Rent HK$ 15000/Month 1房1廳, 傢電齊 靚裝
CENTURY 21 CULTURE CENTER P... RESIDENCE BEL... Gross 1460 ft2 Saleable 1190 ft2 Price 28.000 Million --
南坊物業 NAN FUNG SUN ... Gross 474 ft2 Saleable 391 ft2 Rent HK$ 16000/Month 2房1廳, 新裝
UNITED PROPERTIES LIMITED LARVOTTO TWR 03 Gross 1968 ft2 Saleable 1560 ft2 Price 39.880 Million 2房(2套)2廳1工套1貯+...
CENTURY 21 SKY ON PROPERTIE... CHIT FOO MAN Gross -- Saleable -- Price 70.000 Million --
CENTURY 21 I-HOME PROPERTY ... MOUNT PARKER ... Gross 1503 ft2 Saleable 1309 ft2 Rent HK$ 65000/Month $300豪裝
FULL PARK PROPERTIES LIMITED MERTON BLK 03 Gross 629 ft2 Saleable 482 ft2 Rent HK$ 27000/Month 2房2廳, 原裝
CENTURY 21 FRUITFUL PROPERTIES CENTRE POINT Gross 829 ft2 Saleable -- Rent HK$ 29015/Month --
SUNRISE PROPERTY HK AGENCY ... WHAMPOA GDN S... Gross 469 ft2 Saleable 389 ft2 Price 5.850 Million 2房2廳
KATY PROPERTY TSAN YUNG MAN Gross 1400 ft2 Saleable 1130 ft2 Rent HK$ 29800/Month 3房(1套)2廳, 工人房...
WEALTHY AND JOYFUL PROPERTY... TAT CHEE AVE 9 Gross -- Saleable 11720 ft2 Price 550.000 Million 8房8套3廳1工人套, 尊...
CENTURY 21 D PROPERTY CONSU... CALDECOTT Gross 2313 ft2 Saleable 1659 ft2 Price 27.000 Million 4房(雙套),連車位
CENTURY 21 I-HOME PROPERTY ... MANDARIN COURT Gross 1800 ft2 Saleable 1600 ft2 Price 18.000 Million 3房1套, 企理
CENTURY 21 CULTURE CENTER P... METRO HARBOUR... Gross 504 ft2 Saleable 338 ft2 Rent HK$ 15500/Month 2 BedRooms, Living &...
世紀21中華-TST THE CORONATIO... Gross 510 ft2 Saleable 400 ft2 Price 8.000 Million 1房2廳, PART FURN
HILLTOP PROPERTY LUNG POON COU... Gross 521 ft2 Saleable 383 ft2 Price 4.650 Million 1房2廳, 靚裝 Good ...
LOT ANGEL PROPERTY AGENCY L... FUNG TAK ESTATE Gross 456 ft2 Saleable 349 ft2 Rent HK$ 10800/Month 1房1廳, 有裝
G.GO REALTY LIMITED GRAND WATERFR... Gross 501 ft2 Saleable 360 ft2 Price 5.980 Million 2房2廳
RICHLAND PROPERTY TAK BO GDN Gross 529 ft2 Saleable 398 ft2 Price 5.000 Million 1大房1廳 開放式廚房
CENTURY 21 SPLENDID PROPERT... FLOURISH MAN Gross 844 ft2 Saleable 584 ft2 Rent HK$ 19500/Month 3房(1套)2廳, 廚設齊,...
New Territories
CHI FUNG PROPERTY AGENCY LI... -- Gross 700 ft2 Saleable -- Price 4.580 Million 3房2廳
CENTURY 21 SKY ON PROPERTIE... GRANDEUR GDN Gross 674 ft2 Saleable -- Price 78.000 Million --
KATY PROPERTY BIJOU HAMLET Gross 1801 ft2 Saleable 1556 ft2 Rent HK$ 65000/Month 3 BedRooms, Living &...
LOHAS PROPERTY LIMITED LOHAS PARK PH... Gross 684 ft2 Saleable 544 ft2 Price 5.900 Million 2房2廳
KA HING PROPERTIES CO., LTD. CHEUNG SHUE TAN Gross 700 ft2 Saleable -- Price 3.200 Million 2房1廳1套房
FU ON PROPERTY AGENCY COMPA... TAI SHUI HANG Price 4.600 Million 2房l廳, 新裝開放廚
Century 21 (Tseung Kwan O) WELL ON GDN B... Gross 688 ft2 Saleable 502 ft2 Price 5.750 Million 3房2廳 實用
PINNACLE PROPERTY LIMITED -- Gross 6000 ft2 Saleable 6000 ft2 Price 3.300 Million 綠草如茵。綠意盎然。...
RICHLAND PROPERTY CHEUNG SHUE TAN Gross 700 ft2 Saleable -- Price 3.800 Million --
CHEUK LUNG PROPERTY AGENCY ... ON SHING BLDG Gross 473 ft2 Saleable 370 ft2 Price 2.980 Million 2房2廳, 新裝
WEALTHY AND JOYFUL PROPERTY... CASTELLO BLK 02 Gross 718 ft2 Saleable 547 ft2 Rent HK$ 18000/Month 2房2廳, 傢電齊
FORTUNE SIX PROPERTY AGENCY... FANLING CTR Gross 475 ft2 Saleable 366 ft2 Price 4.000 Million --
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December, 2016 Commission Index updated 6,605, 35% DECREASE compared to previous month

CI is an average value of monthly commission income for each of the licensed property agents in Hong Kong. It is a synthetic calculation based on:

  1. The number of "Agreement of Sale & Purchase" ('ASP') registered in the Land Registry in one month; and
  2. The total Consideration of all ASP in the same month; and
  3. The Licensee Population in that month.
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